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{% load bdex_tags %} {% load i18n %} <style> #fancybox-content div{overflow: visible;} #fancybox-content{background: transparent!important;} </style> <div class="hidden"> <div id="login-register-fancy" class="fancybox-modal"> <div id="login-register-wrap"> <!-- START SIGNUP FORM --> <div id = "signup-fancy-form"> {% if fb_r_id %} <script type="text/javascript"> if(top != self){ top.window.location = "{{ SITE_HTTPS_URL }}/invite/facebook/?request_ids={{ fb_r_id }}"; } </script> {% endif %} <br/> <form action="{% url bdconversion-invite "request" %}" method="POST" class="pane reg-form form" style="display: block;"> {% csrf_token %} <div style="display:none"> <input type="hidden" name="fb_r_id" value="{{ fb_r_id }}"> </div> {% if fb_r_id %} <div style="display:none"> <input type="hidden" name="fb_u_id" value=""> </div> <h2>{% trans "You are invited by Facebook friend, please register here" %}</h2> {% endif %} <div class="login-reg-container"> <p class="notification-heading">{% trans "New to " %}{{ SITE_NAME }}?</p> <h1 class="category-heading h1">{% trans "Register for a free, exclusive membership." %}</h1> <div class="form-field"> <p class="field"> <label for="email"> <input type="email" name="email1" id="email" placeholder="Email Address"> </label> </p> <div class="error-msg"> {{ form.email1.errors }} </div> </div> <div class="form-field"> <p class="field"> <label for="password"> <input type="password" name="password1" id="password" placeholder="Password"> </label> </p> <div class="error-msg"> {{ form.password1.errors }} </div> </div> <div class="form-field"> <div class="signup_country_menu"> <input type="hidden" name="country_of_residence"/> <div class="signup_country_top"> <div class="signup_country_place"> <a> <img><b>{% trans "Choose Country" %}</b> </a> </div> <div class="signup_country_down"></div> </div> <ul class="signup_country_scroll signup_country_scroll_fancybox"> {% for code in COUNTRIES_FLAG_ICON %} <ol class="signup_country_list"> <a href="#" country_code="{{ code }}" country_name="{{ OPERATION_COUNTRY_DICT|get_value:code }}"> <img src="{{ COUNTRIES_FLAG_ICON|get_value:code }}"> <b>{{ OPERATION_COUNTRY_DICT|get_value:code }}</b> </a> </ol> {% endfor %} </ul> </div> <div class="error-msg"> {{ form.country_of_residence.errors }} </div> </div> <div class="form-field"> <div class="agreement_tc"> {% url bdex-termsandconditions as tos_path %} <input id="id_tos" type="checkbox" class="required" name="tos"> <label for="id_tos" style="font-weight:bolder;"> {% blocktrans %}I agree to the <a href="{{ tos_path }}">Terms and Conditions</a>{% endblocktrans %} </label> </div> <div class="error-msg"> {{ form.tos.errors }} </div> </div> {% for hidden in form.hidden_fields %} {{ hidden }} {% endfor %} <p class="sign-up-submit-button"> <input type="submit" value="Register Now!" class="button signup {% if fb_r_id %}dn{% endif %}"> </p><br/> <div id="third-party-connect"> {% include "bdex/public/snippets/_index_3rd_party_connect.html" %} </div><br/> <!--<p class="terms"> {% trans "By joining" %} {{ SITE_NAME }} {% blocktrans %}through email you agree<br>to the {% endblocktrans %}<a href="{% url bdex-termsandconditions %}">{% trans "Terms of Membership" %}</a>{% trans " for all " %}{{ SITE_NAME }} {% trans "sites" %}. </p>--> </div> <!--<p class="new-member"> <label id="login-fancy-toggle-button" class="login-link"> {% trans "Already a member?" %} <a href="#" class="register-link change-form" alt="{% trans "Member Login" %}">{% trans "Login Here" %}</a> </label> </p>--> </form> </div> <!-- END SIGNUP FORM --> <div class="index-or-seperator"> <img src=""> </div> <!-- START LOGIN BOX --> <div id="login-fancy-form"> {% if debug %} <form action="{% url auth_login %}{% if next %}?next={{ next }}{% endif %}" method="POST" class="pane sign-in-form form" style="display: block;"> {% else %} <form action="{{ SITE_HTTPS_URL }}{% url auth_login %}{% if next %}?next={{ next }}{% endif %}" method="POST" class="pane sign-in-form form" style="display: block;"> {% endif %} {% csrf_token %} <div class="login-reg-container"> <p class="notification-heading">{% trans "Already a Member ?" %}</p> <h1 class="category-heading h1">{% trans "Login to " %}{{ SITE_NAME }}</h1> <p class="field"> <label for="email"> <input type="email" name="username" id="email" placeholder="Email Address"> </label> </p> <p class="field"> <label for="password"> <input type="password" name="password" id="password" placeholder="Password"> </label> </p> <p class="forgot-password"> <label> <a href="{% url auth_password_reset %}" class="small-text forgot-password-link change-form">{% trans "Forgot your password?" %}</a> </label> </p> <p class="sign-in-submit-button"> <input type="submit" value="Submit" class="button login"> </p> <div id="third-party-connect"> {% include "bdex/public/snippets/_index_3rd_party_connect.html" %} </div> </div> <!--<p class="new-member"> <label id="signup-fancy-toggle-button" class="sign-up-link"> {% trans "Not a member yet?" %} <a href="{% url bdconversion-invite "request" %}" class="register-link change-form" alt="{% trans "Member Sign Up" %}">{% trans "Register Now" %}</a> </label> </p>--> </form> </div> <!-- END LOGIN FORM--> </div> </div> </div>