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{% extends "bdex/public/2_cols.html" %}{% load bdgenerix_tags %}{% load i18n %} {% block title %}{% trans "Sales Starting Soon" %}{% endblock %} {% block bodyclass %}private starting-soon{% endblock %} {% block breadcrumb %}{% endblock %} {% block content %} <h1>{% blocktrans %}Welcome to {{ SITE_NAME }}{% endblocktrans %}</h1> <p class="intro">{% blocktrans %}Thank you for being a member of {{ SITE_NAME }}. You will be enjoying the exclusive shopping experience very soon.{% endblocktrans %}</p> <h2>{% trans "Sales starting soon" %}</h2> <p>{% blocktrans %}We're working day and night to bring you luxury fashion brands at up to {{ DISCOUNT_RATE }} off retail prices. We will notify you via email just before our first campaigns start.{% endblocktrans %}</p> <h2>{% trans "Share the love" %}</h2> <p>{% blocktrans %}While you're waiting, why not let your friends join {{ SITE_NAME }} as well? Earn {{ REFERRAL_INCENTIVE }} when your friends make their first purchase on {{ SITE_NAME }}!{% endblocktrans %}</p> <p><a class="linkbutton" href="{% url bdconversion-invitation-create %}">{% trans "Invite your friends" %}</a></p> {% endblock %}